Norton Setup and Installation

1. Visit www.norton.com/setup.
2. Click Enter a Product Key.
3. Click on Sign In to login your Norton account.
4. Enter your Norton Product Key and click >.
5. Now click on Agree & Download.
6. After downloaded, click on Run (for Edge or Internet Explorer), Setup (for Chrome), or Save File (for Firefox).
7. Allow User Account Control Access by clicking Yes.
8. Another page will open Click Install.
9. “You Are Protected” will appear when Norton is finish installed.


Important: While installing your Norton Antivirus you need to have an Active Norton 25 digit Alphanumeric product key to download Norton on your PC or Mac to enjoy all features. You can’t share your product key with another person if you don’t have multiple device plans. When you are downloading and Installing Norton, you need to make sure you’re connected with active internet all the time. You will need to confirm you have all the required software like Java Script to run the Norton.

What is Norton Setup Product Key?
Norton Setup Product Key is a combination of 25 digit alphanumeric code. This is required for your Norton Setup.

Where to find your Norton Setup Product Key?
For find your Norton Product Key look at the back side of your Norton Setup Card.

Here is the sample of 25 digit Product Key : xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

noron 360 setup. norton uninstall

Here is How to Install Norton Step by Step


1. Visit www.norton.com/setup
First, open any web browser and visit www.norton.com/setup. Then click on enter a product key. You can use any browser which one you like, but you need to connect to internet all the time.

www.office.com setup, uninstall norton
norton.com setup, reinstall norton
noron.com setup, norton 360 setup


 2. Sign in with your Microsoft Account

Now you need to Sign In to your Norton Account. If you have already a Norton Account then type in your email ID and password, and click on Sign In.

If you are a new user and you do not have an account with Norton, click Create an Account, and then complete necessary details then click on Create Account.




3. Enter your Product Key
After signing in, it will ask you to Enter your 25 Digit Norton Product Key. Put your Norton product key and click >.

www.nortn.com setup, reinstall norton
norton setup, install norton



4. Click Agree & Download
After clicking on “>” this you need to click Agree & Download. If you have more than one Norton subscription then select your Norton subscription, which one you want to download and click Next.

5. Run the Installation
After Run the Download file , your Mac/PC will ask your permission to install Norton in your computer. So you need to Click on “Agree” for Mac and “Yes” for PC. After clicking Agree/Yes, another page will appear Click Install.

Depending upon your browser you need to follow one of these:

  • For Edge or Internet Explorer: Click “Run”.
  • For Chrome: On the bottom-left side of your computer screen, double-click the file you downloaded.
  • For Firefox: Click “Save File” and open the downloaded file and double-click download file.
  • For Safari:  Click on “Finder” icon, then Click “Downloads” folder and select downloaded file and double-click download file.
norton.com/setup, norton 360 setup
www norton com setup, reinstall norton




6. “You Are Protected”
Once your Norton Installation is finished. A page will open on your computer screen and say “You Are Protected”. Now Click Quick Scan and start scanning your computer.

How to Install Norton Antivirus for Windows

  1. Go to noron.com/setup.
  2. Sign In your Norton Account.
  3. Enter your 25 Alphanumeric Norton product key and click on ” >”.
  4. Click Agree & Download.
  5. Click on Run (in Edge or Internet Explorer), Setup (in Chrome), or Save File (in Firefox).
  6. You will see one message will be prompted “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?”
  7. Click on Yes.
  8. After clicking yes, it will start installation.
  9. When the installation will be done. It will be showing “You Are Protected”. Then you can scan your computer.

How to Install Norton Antivirus for Mac

1. First, visit www.noton.com/setup.
2. Log in your Norton Account.
3. Type your Norton Product key and click on this “>”.
4. Click on Agree & Download.
5. Once the file is downloaded, open “Finder” icon in the and go to “Downloads” folder.
6. Select Norton_Setup_Installer.pkg and double click on it.
7. Click Continue.
8. You will see review “Software License agreement” click Continue.
9. A message will be prompted “To Continue installing you must agree to the terms of the software license agreement” click “Agree”.
10. Click on Install.
11. After clicking on Install, it will ask you to put your Mac login Password.
12. Now Type your password and click Install Software.
13. Go to the “Launchpad” icon and click on “Norton Security” icon to open, Now you scan your computer.

How to uninstall Norton Setup on Windows

If you want to uninstall you Norton Setup you don’t need to worried about it. You just follow the below process after that you Norton software will be Uninstall.

1. Click on the “Start” button.
2. Open the “Control Panel”.
3. Select “‘Uninstall a Program’” .
4. Search “Norton software” from the list and select it.
5. Now Click on “Uninstall”.

How to uninstall Norton for Mac

When you will Uninstall Norton Antivirus from your Mac computer, you need to follow those processes:

1. Click on “Finder” icon in the dock, then click “Applications” Under the Favourites.
2. Search “Norton Security app” from the list, and drag into the “Bin”.
3. A page will be prompted and ask your mac login password.
4. Type your Password and Click “OK”.
5. After that, A page will appear, then click on “Uninstall”.
6. Then Again will be ask your Mac Password, put the password, then your software will start uninstalling.
7. Click on “Restart Now”.

Disclaimers: We are independent Norton support team who can able to help you if you face any difficulty to install Norton Setup in your computer. We provide you support for Download, Install, Activate and Reinstall your Norton product instantly. We are not affiliated with any of these brands unless stated otherwise. The brand images are for reference only.